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  • EMPOWERED 2021

    Catholic Conference for Men - Date TBD, 2021

    Empowered 2021 keynote speaker

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The Theme.

Like Gideon, men today can come to the same conclusion; that "I am too weak to be usable," "How could I be a valiant warrior in the name of my Lord?" or "I have no great gift or talent for God to send me."

Gideon was expressing doubt in God from his frustration that God was not doing a mighty thing as he did in the past to protect them from their enemy. Gideon only saw a God who deserted and abandoned Israel. Yet, God came to Gideon and saw strength in this frustration and doubt. "Go in this strength of yours," God tells him, "and you will rescue Israel."

God only needs a passionate and seeking heart to do great things, like, learning to battle against the evil of our time, raising a family in faithfulness, growing strong in the knowledge of God, being courageous in defending the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord. Through the Spirit of God, we too can carry the name of the Lord with us, always, in victory. The story of Gideon can EMPOWER us to make ourselves available to God. In humility there is strength!

The Speakers.

Ken Yasinski - Is a dynamic Catholic speaker, Author and father of five children lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with his wife Janelle. He will be the keynote speaker. You can find out more about Ken in our speaker's bio section, his talks on our conference page and much more about him at Ken's web site.

Fr. Mark Cherry - Is the conference spiritual director. Father Mark has been serving as a Priest for over 15 years and has a passion for sharing the life transforming love and power of Jesus Christ. His bio is also in our speaker's bio section.

Joe DiPenta - The conference Emcee, former NHL player and Stanley Cup champion for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Find out more about Joe and what he does here.


Seton Academic Centre.

Located at Mount St. Vincent University off the Bedford Highway in North Halifax. There is plenty of parking and it is near hotels and amenities.



Are you passionate about teaching, encouraging and bringing the faith to men? To be unafraid to stand up for and defend the faith in an increasingly hostile culture? To win the hearts of other men to love and serve God? That is also the passion of the Empowered team. Find out on our ambassador's page how to become an ambassador and help promote our annual Empowered Catholic Conference for Men in your diocese.


At this time we are not accepting registrations. However if you would like to be informed when we do post a conference date and begin accepting registrations just fill out and follow the instructions on this form. When registrations do become available you will be able to register on line and choose payment either via mail in cheque or electronically by e-transfer or by credit card.  Note - No registration fee for clergy!